Wedding India

Got Invited :)

Last month I got invited for a wedding and this weekend the time was there. An amazing experience full of culture and traditions. The bride and groom were also very happy that I brought my Canon along :)

Left Behind

Left Behind

Besides cows and rickshaws, you find are a huge number of motorbikes in India. And a big proportion breaks down..


Portrait India Pune

“There he sits, located 4300 feet above sea level, suffering from 43 degrees Celcius and just staring at the clouds above the city of Pune, India. The wise-one they call him. Why? Just pay attention to his eyes and you’ll know”.

Living and working abroad in India is absolutely a pleasure!

Mumbai Dharavi Slum

Mumbai Madness

Mumbai is an amazing city. This photo was taken during my tour through the Dharavi slum. These four guys make jeans, their neighbors recycle plastic, the guys across from them develop belts. Dharavi slum is truly an inspiring place to visit and an amazing place for photography.