Macro shot by Erwin Spil

Macro Shot January 2013

Water drops on a foggy Sunday morning. My first experience with macro photography was a succes. I love it. As soon as it is summer I will be focusing on photos of butterflies and flowers.

Sunset while sledging

Sun set while sledging

-19 Celsius and sunshine: a perfect day for photography in the old town of Uppsala. For the complete photo set of my photography session in ‘Gamla Uppsala’, please see my Flickr set.

Wermlandus Comic

Wermlandus Comic

Student nations are the core of student life in Uppsala. My nation, Värmlands, has a magazine: Wermlandus. In a team of five people we decided to make a comic for Wermlandus. As the photographer and the designer of the team I am proud to present the result: Wermlandus Comic 2013.


Uppsala’s Church

In the heart of Uppsala you will find the Domkyrkan. A church dating back to the late 13th century.

ExChange Magazine photo #3

ExChange Magazine 2010

In 2010 I studied for six months at the Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall, Sweden. While emphasizing on various theoretical aspects of Journalism, a practical assignment received a lot of attention too. I worked in a team of 15 students with the goal to create an exchange magazine. For the complete online magazine I refer to this link.

Flyers Energy Crossroads

Energy Crossroads Flyer

As Art Director of AIESEC Uppsala I designed the flyer for Energy Crossroads.


The Pink Umbrella Project

A black & white photo with partial color effect: just being creative with an umbrella.


Wedding Card

A wedding card I made in July 2011. The card has a gate fold technique which makes it easy to place it on a shelf or dressoir.


Culture Night

Culture Night in Uppsala. Long exposure during a fire show results in an image such as this one.

Mumbai Dharavi Slum

Mumbai Madness

Mumbai is an amazing city. This photo was taken during my tour through the Dharavi slum. These four guys make jeans, their neighbors recycle plastic, the guys across from them develop belts. Dharavi slum is truly an inspiring place to visit and an amazing place for photography.