For AIESEC Uppsala I designed the Global Community Development Programme (GCDP) brochure. This programme offers students the chance to go abroad and learn about different cultures first-hand, while giving back through working on social projects together with AIESEC’s partner organisations. The print ready version can be found here.

ICX brochure_ErwinSpil

AIESEC’s Company Brochure

For AIESEC Uppsala I designed a brochure with as goal to inform companies on the possibilties of having an AIESEC intern in their company. The print ready pdf can be found here.

Wermlandus Comic

Wermlandus Comic

Student nations are the core of student life in Uppsala. My nation, Värmlands, has a magazine: Wermlandus. In a team of five people we decided to make a comic for Wermlandus. As the photographer and the designer of the team I am proud to present the result: Wermlandus Comic 2013.

ExChange Magazine photo #3

ExChange Magazine 2010

In 2010 I studied for six months at the Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall, Sweden. While emphasizing on various theoretical aspects of Journalism, a practical assignment received a lot of attention too. I worked in a team of 15 students with the goal to create an exchange magazine. For the complete online magazine I refer to this link.

Flyers Energy Crossroads

Energy Crossroads Flyer

As Art Director of AIESEC Uppsala I designed the flyer for Energy Crossroads.


Wedding Card

A wedding card I made in July 2011. The card has a gate fold technique which makes it easy to place it on a shelf or dressoir.