Wedding India

Got Invited :)

Last month I got invited for a wedding and this weekend the time was there. An amazing experience full of culture and traditions. The bride and groom were also very happy that I brought my Canon along :)

Left Behind

Left Behind

Besides cows and rickshaws, you find are a huge number of motorbikes in India. And a big proportion breaks down..


Portrait India Pune

“There he sits, located 4300 feet above sea level, suffering from 43 degrees Celcius and just staring at the clouds above the city of Pune, India. The wise-one they call him. Why? Just pay attention to his eyes and you’ll know”.

Living and working abroad in India is absolutely a pleasure!

De Streek In Beeld

De Streek In Beeld

About half a year ago I started a Facebook page called De Streek in Beeld. This page captures the beauty of the area I grew up in through mostly landscape photography. Have a look (and maybe even Like!) at the page.

Steel Wool Photo Experiment

Steel Wool Photography

Steel Wool Photography is a populair theme within photography. Time to explore! I brought my buddy Gerard along and off we went. After finding a nice and quiet area we set up the tripod, took out the steel wool and started spinning like crazy people. The end result is exactly what I was going for.

Studio Shoot

Studio Work

I rented a studio, installed the lights and had the request of Maikel for some portrait shots. Love the outcome! Check the other portraits here.

Portrait set by Erwin Spil

Portrait photography

So far I did macro photography, night photography, landscape photography, and so on. But portrait photography was still missing. So when my friend Jerome asked me to help him get some casual portfolio pictures I was more then happy to help. For some more portrait photography I refer to my Flicker set.



For AIESEC Uppsala I designed the Global Community Development Programme (GCDP) brochure. This programme offers students the chance to go abroad and learn about different cultures first-hand, while giving back through working on social projects together with AIESEC’s partner organisations. The print ready version can be found here.

Macro Photography - Butterflies

Butterfly Photography

Step one: find the butterflies. Step two: mark the spot. Step three: return when the sun sets. Step four: do what you love and take amazing macro shots of butterflies. For some of the other photos I refer to my Flickr set.

ICX brochure_ErwinSpil

AIESEC’s Company Brochure

For AIESEC Uppsala I designed a brochure with as goal to inform companies on the possibilties of having an AIESEC intern in their company. The print ready pdf can be found here.